Alternate names and website?

Natural Sampler thrives on word of mouth, but to get the word to the first mouth, and many others thereafter, we've been a few places with our products and in the past had used a temporary name is it was primary for marketplace use.  People sometimes ask, "Is Natural Sampler the same as..."

First, is our official website and there is no other website for us. Some people have "" on some of their essential oils, but when they type that into the address bar, it gets them to here, So naturally, they want to know what is and why does it bring them here. is actually us! It was only used for products that were sold outside of our official website. It was to route customers to various websites in which our products could be found, until our website was developed, and now, it only routes to Eventually, any labels with will be phased out.

Another popular questions is "What does 'wurit' actually stand for since it appears to have nothing to do with the name Natural Sampler?" It actually stands for "WearitUseitReadit (Wear it, Use it, Read it)" and "WearitUseitRespectit (Wear it, Use it, Respect it)."

So what exactly does WearitUseitReadit stand for? "Wearit" representing the wearing of natural products, such as diluted essential oils or other natural products, including natural clothing. "Useit" is about using natural products in general, throughout your everyday lives. "Readit" was about reading/studying about natural products, educating yourselves. In respect to the alternate "WearitUseitRespectit", "respectit" is about respecting natural products, such as not wasting them and simply respecting what they are and what they do, and what has gone into making them available for us. 

We hope this clears up any questions you may have about urls that have led you here and what the alternate names are about. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us!