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  • What is your return policy?
  • I have a shipping question.
  • You have oils/products that are out of stock. When will they be back!?
  • I have a promo for a free gift but it's not showing up in my cart! Why?
  • I want to buy a natural product that you do not have on your website. Are you going to carry it?
  • An item I bought last month is listed under "Farewell." Does that mean it'll be gone forever or what?
  • How do I contact customer service?












      What is natural sampler all about? - Natural Sampler's primary inventory focus is on high quality natural products in sampler sizes, with an emphasis on essential oils and absolutes. Essential oils are what our company was founded on. Click here to learn more about Natural Sampler. We also offer other natural products, so check out our product collections to see what we have. We add new items often.

      I see sample size essential oils and other products that cost 2x or more over your prices. Why are your prices so low? – Our prices are so affordable because we choose to pass savings to our customers versus large profits. This is why Natural Sampler was born; to provide the highest quality botanical samples at the lowest price. Our essential oils are premium, 100% pure, unadulterated, and undiluted essential oils. Our oils and other products are not overstock, surplus, and are never lower quality. We only offer the best!

      Why do you only sell sample sizes? – We get this question often. It comes down to who we are and our mission. Essential oils are highly concentrated by nature. Therefore, you don’t need much for most uses. Even a few drops in your diffuser is enough to change the ambiance all over the room. Also, our oils are already travel size, so you can take them anywhere So why spend so much buying larger sizes that sit way too long losing their potency? So in many cases, offering primarily sample size is what many customers have been looking for.

      Also, by offering mainly sample sizes, we can keep our shipping costs down for our customers. If we sold large, heavy sizes, shipping would go up exponentially. With sample sizes, we are able to easily offer free shipping and low flat rate shipping without annual or semiannual rate increases.Also, we don’t have to boost the prices of our products to offer you free or flat rate shipping. We do sell "regular" sizes for some of our items, however. We hope you enjoy our adorable, perfect size oils and all we have to offer. 



      What is your return policy? - We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy. Click here for our full Return Policy.

      I have a shipping question. - Please click here to go to our shipping section below, or feel free to contact us.

      You have oils/products that are out of stock. When will they be back!? - We do everything in our power to keep the products you love in stock. Sometimes they go faster than we anticipated, and because freshness is a top priority for us, we never like to have a surplus. Sometimes we have issues with supply, often because the supplier is backlogged. You can always contact us to ask about specific product's stock, and in the meantime, we will continue to work on keeping up with the inventory!

      I have a promo for a free gift but it's not showing up in my cart! Why? - We are very sorry you are have issue with your free gift. Please verify that you are meeting the requirements of the promotion. For example, spending the specified amount or buying the product that would activate the free gift. (You may be required to purchase any item or even purchase from a specific collection.) If you have verified that you have met the requirements and your free gift is still not added to your cart, please contact us so we can get you taken care of!

      I want to buy a natural product that you do not have on your website. Are you going to carry it? - We get product requests often. If there is a product that you'd like to see us carry, please let us know by contacting us or you can let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We always do our best to carry the products our customers want. 

      An item I bought last month is listed under "Farewell." Does that mean it'll be gone forever or what? - Items listed under Farewell are being discontinued, either temporarily or permanently. This can be for several reasons. One reason would be that our supplier is no longer offering the product. Many times in this case, we are waiting to see if the supplier will begin offering the product again, or we are looking for a new supplier or a comparable replacement. Another reason is that the product no longer meets our standards and we have decided to permanently discontinue it. 

      How do I contact customer service? - You can contact us via our contact page, chat, social media, or email us support@naturalsampler.com.



      What is your processing time for shipping? - Orders are typically processed in 24-48 hours on regular business days. Priority Mail orders placed before 12 p.m. PST (noon PST) will be shipped the same day as long as the USPS is operating that day. 

      What country are you located in? - We are located in the United States.

      Do you ship internationally?- We currently ship to Canada and U.S. Territories. 

      Where is my package? - Our goal is to get your order to you in perfect condition and as quickly as possible. Once we ship your order, we have the highest hopes that the carrier takes good care of you as well. Sometimes, packages are delayed, and in rare and unfortunate cases, lost. See below to get help for your deliver issue: 

      • Tracking Shows DELIVERED But You DO NOT Have Package - If your tracking information shows that your package has been delivered but you don't have it, check your mailbox, by other doors; check behind any plants, shrubbery, and outdoor furniture and decor.  If you have not located your package after trying this, please contact the carrier on the tracking number so that they can help locate the package. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
      • Tracking NOT UPDATED - When your expected delivery date has not passed and tracking is not updated, this may simply be missed scan or delay on the carriers end. In most cases, tracking updates will eventually show up. In rare cases, you may only get a "Delivered" update. If your expected delivery date has passed, please read below ("Package Has NOT Been Delivered AND Expected Deliver Date Has Passed").
      • Package Has NOT Been Delivered AND Expected Delivery Date Has Passed - If your product has not been delivered and carrier expected delivery date has passed, this may simply be a delay on the carriers end, which unfortunately does happen. If your Projected Delivery Date shown on the tracking information has passed, please contact carrier to get an  update and/or report packing missing. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


      I need my order FAST, can you ship right away/same day? - We treat every customer like a VIP, so we try hard to ship quickly for everyone, getting orders shipped typically no later than the next business day after ordering. However, sometimes we have so many orders that we are forced to get priority mail orders out first, then first come first shipped. So to assure the fastest shipping, we urge you to select priority mail. Priority Mail orders placed before 12 P.M. on business days will be shipped that same day. 

      I live locally. Can I pick up my order in person? - At this time, our warehouse is not  insured for local pickups. Unfortunately, most local shipments must be shipped via a carrier. However, from time to time, we have events around the country, and when possible, we do allow customers to pick their order from an event location. If we will be in your area, please contact us before placing your order so we can see if we can set up an Event Order Pickup. 

      Another company I buy my essential oils from offers free shipping regardless of minimum order, even on one item. Why don't you? -  This is a great question. We always urge our customers who ask this question to check the prices of said company. Free shipping on every order, regardless of the order amount, and without it being a sale or special, almost always tells us the company is overcharging and/or adding shipping charges into the prices of the items. We do lose money on shipping, but we have found customer satisfaction comes with balance; we don't boost our prices and we offer free shipping when possible, and very fair, low cost, flat rate shipping when free shipping is not feasible. 

      Where can I find your shipping policy? - You can find our shipping policy by clicking here. It is also located at the bottom of each page under the Quick Links menu, and click the "Shipping" link.



      Are your essential oils diluted? - Our essential oils are not diluted. Our 100% pure essential oils are never diluted. If you are looking for oils that are a blend of essential oils and/or blended with a carrier oil, those oils will be under our Essential Oil Blends collection, AND we will include each essential oil and/or carrier oil that's in the blend on the product page. Most of our blends do not contain carrier oils however, rather, they are different undiluted essential oils blended together. 

      Are your essential oils fragrance oils and/or artificially scented? - Our essential are not "fragrance oils." Fragrance oils are artificial, whereas our 100% essential oils are actual botanical oils extracted from its respective botanical. Our essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted, and unadulterated essential oils. 

      Are your essential oils therapeutic grade? - "Therapeutic Grade" is actually a term created by a company that sells essential oils, so it's really a "marketing grade". "Therapeutic grade" is not a certification or standard. It sounds good though, right? The truth is, if an essential oil is 100% pure, unadulterated, AND it is used safely, then it is therapeutic by nature. So drop a few drops in your diffuser and let the aroma therapy begin. 

      Are your essential oils food grade? -  For essential oils to be labeled "Food Grade," they must contain Nutrition Facts for food, or Supplement Facts for supplements. Although our essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted, and unadulterated, we recommend using them for aromatherapy only. We have chosen not to label our oils as "Food Grade" because most people want essential oils for aromatherapy, aromatherapy-cleaning, and other non-medical uses anyways, making the increased cost of additional labeling not feasible.

      Also, by labeling our oils "Food Grade" we feel the risk of unsafe use, or ingesting without research, would be greatly increased. Even though our oils are the exact same oils as quality "food grade" essential oils, it is a matter of labeling, and that's the only difference.

      Can I ingest your essential oils? Can I use them on my skin? Another company I purchased from said their oils are safe to ingest and/or apply to my skin.  - Although our essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted, and unadulterated, we recommend using them for aromatherapy only. This is for because essential oils are very potent and can cause harm, such as skin irritation or intense sunburns, when used on the skin without diluting properly.

      For the safety of our wonderful customers, we do not recommend ingesting the oils or using them on the skin and offer them for Aromatherapy Use Only. Although many of our customers do ingest the oils and use them on their skin, we always recommend that you seek professional guidance from a homeopathic doctor, a medical doctor, or an aromatherapist before using. Some people also refer to reputable reference guides for proper usage. 

      When does my essential oil expire? -Essential oils will typically last from 1 year to 5 years, with citrus typically lasting one year. Some essential oils, such as patchouli, do not expire and, like wine, improve with age. After expiration, the oils can become more concentrated, the aroma changes, or some may even become rancid. 

      Because we keep our essential oils fresh, your shelf life can be counted from the time you receive your order.

      What brand are your essential oils? Where do they come from?- The brand is actually Natural Sampler. Our samples are our own oils, from the distiller. Our distillers/suppliers are from various locations around the world. 

      I see your essential oils come in 1ml and 4ml sizes. That's perfect for most of my oils, but for some oils, I want larger sizes. Do you sell larger sizes? - To maintain our price and shipping structure, we only offer 1ml to 4ml sizes in most cases. We are mainly suppliers of sample and trial sizes so that our customers can purchase "just enough" sizes or sampling sizes to decide, like you, that they would like more. We are working out a partnership that supplies our customers looking for the exact oils we offer, but in larger sizes. Once we have secured that partnership, we will be able to guide our customers to purchasing our oils at larger sizes. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

      Are your essential oils safe on my dog/cat? - There are essential oils that can be safely used in regards to pets, IF used correctly. However, there are some essential oils that are not safe for your furry family member, so we ask for your pets utmost safety, please consult your veterinarian if you have questions regarding essential oils and pets. We wish we could help more, but there are so many oils, and so many different circumstances per pet types and individual pets that we don't feel like we could give a fair or responsible yay or nay.

      I see multiple essential oils that have the same name. Which one should I choose? - Many essential oils have different types, or locations where they are grown. For example, we carry different types of Eucalyptus, such as Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Dives (Peppermint Eucalyptus). Each type carries similar and different properties, making each pretty special.  

      So which one should you choose? Some customers like to buy each one for specific uses, some like to blend them all for their synergistic power. Sometimes we are happy with one, but like to pick based on "most popular" or "strongest." We try our best to describe the aroma and offer information in the product description to help you pick which choice is best for you.

      For oils that have multiple types, we typically list the type in the product name, except for the most common, or the type we recommend most, we use only the oil name. For example, we have Rosemary (Verbenone type), Rosemary Camphor, and Rosemary (Cineole type). Rosemary Verbenone is listed on our website simply as "Rosemary," because when someone is looking for Rosemary, and they have no idea which type to choose, they generally pick the oil labeled simply, "Rosemary," which is a very popular and beautiful rosemary. 

      All of my 4 mL oils came with a reducer top on them except for one. Why didn't one of my oils have a reducer? - We put reducers on most of our 4 mL oils, but if the oil is very thick, we typically don't put a reducer on it so that the oil can be extracted from the vial. Sometimes we unintentionally put a reducer on thick oils. If this happens, the reducer can be easily removed by slowly prying it up one side at a time.

      What is a carrier oil and why would I need it. - A carrier oil is an oil used to control the absorption rate of essential oils. The carrier oil dilutes the essential oil while the fats in these oils also act as a barrier to help protect the skin from potent essential oils.

      The carrier oil that used depends on what the essential oil is being used for. For reed diffuser blending, you would likely use a different carrier oil than what you'd use if you were making furniture polish for example. We always recommend researching through knowledgeable sources for the best carrier oil per use. 

      How can I obtain the GC/MS spec sheet on your essential oil? As a distributor of essential oils, we completely understand that many customers would like access to the GC/MS for their oils. We are working to make that information available online. We hope to have this information uploaded soon so that it can be accessed from each product page. Thank you for your patience. 



      When does my carrier oil expire? - Your herbs will last 6 months to 5 years, depending on the carrier oil. The shelf life to each oil will be in the description description.

      Since we keep our oils fresh, your shelf life can be counted from the time you receive your order.

      When does my herb expire? - Your herbs will last 1-4 years, depending on the herb. The shelf life to each herb will be in the description description.

      Because we keep our herbs fresh, your shelf life can be counted from the time you receive your order.



      I heard there is a Membership . Tell me more! - Our Natural Sampler Samplisseur membership has not launched yet, but we are enthusiastically working to make it available to everyone. Our plans for our Samplisseur membership is to offer regular discounts, free product, lower shipping cost, more free shipping opportunities, and much more. We hope to release more information soon, so keep checking our Membership tab at the screen regularly.  -

       What does "Samplisseur" mean? - A Samplisseur is what we call our members. The word samplisseur comes from the word sampler and connoisseur. We like to think of Samplisseurs as Natural Sampler experts, or those who aim to be. 



      How do I create an account?To create an account, click the "Create Account or Login" link at the very top of the page on the right hand side, or click on the "Account" tab on the main menu. Then simply fill out your information and click the "Create Account" button.   

      How do I log into my account?To log into your account, click the "Create Account or Login" link at the very top of the page on the right hand side, or click on the "Account" tab on the main menu. Then enter your login credentials under "Log In" and click the "Login" button.   

      How do I log out of my account?To log out of your account, scroll to the top of the page you are on and "Log Out" button is over to the right. Click the "Log Out" button.

      How do I change/edit my address? - Go into your account and click the "View Address" button. From there, you can add new and/or additional addresses, and you can edit an existing address by clicking the "Edit" button under the address you wish to edit, then click "Update."

      How do I change/edit my email address? - Contact us either by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the bottom of the page, or email us support@naturalsampler.com. All you need to do is let us know to update your email, and include the name and current email, or the name and ZIP code, AND include the new email address. We will update your email shortly. We are working on giving customers the ability to edit their own email and apologize for any inconvenience. 

      How do I check my past orders? - Log into your account. When you log in, your order history will be on the first page of your account, if you have ordered. If you feel an order is missing, please contact us