We've grouped together a myriad of fantastically amazing essential oils and products that mosquitoes and other bugs absolutely can't stand! Use one essential oil, one of our blends, or make your own blend of essential oils to create a punch-packing invisible shield to ward off those pesky blood-sucking vamp-bugs!
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Common Name: Spearmint Botanical Name: Mentha spicata Plant Part: Leaves, Stems, and Buds Origin: India Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Oil...
Neem Oil
Common Name: Neem or Nimtree Oil Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica Plant Part: Seed Origin: India Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Oil...
Weeping Cypress
Common Name: Chinese Cedarwood or Weeping Cypress Botanical Name: Cupressus funebris Plant Part: Wood Origin: China Extraction Method: Steam Distilled...
Thuja Leaf
Common Name: Thuja Leaf or Cedar Leaf Thuja or White Cedar Botanical Name: Thuja occidentalis Plant Part: Leaves Cultivation: Wildcrafted...