Why Shop With Natural Sampler?

👋 😀Hey there! So you probably heard about Natural Sampler through word of mouth or on social media, or perhaps you stumbled across our website while searching for natural products. Now you're wondering if Natural Sampler is right for you and why. We're here to tell you exactly why Natural Sampler is absolutely perfect for you!


Here's why you should shop with Natural Sampler:

      • FREE shipping available to U.S. and Canada customers. Learn more here. 

      • FREE sample with every order. Learn more here. 

      • Satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not fully satisfied with your products, you have 30 days to return. Learn more here. 

      • Low Prices. Our prices are low, and with free and low-cost shipping, shopping with us is even more affordable. Best of all, we don't sacrifice quality.

      • Occasional additional FREEBIES for email subscribers.

      • Subscribe to get subscriber-only discounts and early notification of some of our biggest sales.

    • Quality. We offer quality products and never compromise.

    • Eco-friendly. Low/No waste. Smaller sizes mean you have fresher product and less waste.

    • Large inventory. We have 100s of essential oils, tons of diffusers, and countless other products for the natural-loving shopper. 

    • Fresh essential oils. We stock our essential oils for a very short time. Unlike some essential oil providers who overstock and keep their essential oils on the shelf until they sell, we have created a system that moves, or removes, our essential oils. This assures our customers enjoy only the freshest and most potent essential oils possible. Hence why we love the smaller sizes too; just keepin' it fresh!

    • New products regularly! We are always adding new products to Natural Sampler. So, BOLO (be on the lookout)! If you love being a Natural Sampler, we'll always have something for you. So come back to visit us regularly!

    • Excellent Customer Support. We actually love helping, so you never have to worry about our support team having a bad attitude. No matter what the issue is, our bottom line is customer satisfaction.

    • Safe and secure. Natural Sampler is SSL secure and protects our customers using state of the art security, such as McAfee and other defenses to assure a safe and confident shopping experience.

    • Encrypted Transactions. Whether you use a credit card or PayPal, your credit card and payment information is protected by state of the art encryption, protecting it from prying eyes and thieves. No one, not even Natural Sampler, has access to your credit card information. You can rest assure that you're protected here.

    • Much, much, more...(😊 We had to add this cliché!). There's so many reasons to shop with us, we know we've forgot to mention some, so just know, there's numerous great reasons shop with Natural Sampler, over and over again.