Our History

Founded by a group of naturalists and natural enthusiasts in 2008, Natural Sampler was started in a small office located in a coastal community in Southern California. Before founding Natural Sampler, the founders each had circumstances that led them to love essential oils; some health reasons, some for stress, for cleaning, and for the love of the ambiance that aromatherapy set around their homes.

During their searches, one thing the founders had found was that during their own respective searches for pure, quality essential oils, the prices were outrages. Buying an ounce, a half an ounce, and even 1/4 of an ounce was costly, and most of the time was far more oil than needed.

At one time or another, they each wished they could just try the oils without committing to such large amounts. One day in the early 2000s, during a discussion about natural products and the ever-increasing cost of essential oils,  the group decided to band together to create a company that focussed solely on providing truly top-shelf, highest quality essential oils in small sizes, and at fair prices. They soon realized that essential oils were not the only expensive natural product, but other naturals as well. So they knew that providing meticulously selected natural samples from a myriad of natural products was the only option. This is how natural sampler has become what it is today.  

As Natural Sampler grows, and its history expanded, we hope you become part of the Natural Sampler family, hence part of our story. Sample on and thank you!